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Teaching an old dog new tricks

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks unless you bribe them with treats."

Teaching an old dog new tricks and training to fly in Italy was fun. The skies over Italy beckoned with their azure allure, but mastering the art of flight was no easy feat. First, there were the language barriers—Italian phrases whizzing by faster than a speeding bullet. But with a determined spirit and a sprinkle of Italian charm, even the most hesitant aviator could conquer the skies. Navigating the labyrinth of Italian airspace felt like threading a needle through a haystack.

The ancient cities below, each with their own story to tell, were like jewels waiting to be discovered. But amidst the historical splendour, one had to remain vigilant, dodging towering cathedrals and nimble Vespa riders alike. Yet, with each successful flight, the old dog learned new tricks, weaving through the tapestry of Italy’s skies with finesse. As the sun dipped below the Tuscan horizon, casting a golden hue upon the rolling hills, the old dog soared with newfound confidence.

Training for summer days

Italian air traffic controllers became familiar faces, and their rapid-fire instructions were no longer a daunting challenge. And when the time came to touch down on Italian soil once more, it wasn’t just a landing—it was a triumphant return, a testament to the old dog’s perseverance and the magic of learning something new, even amidst the cobblestone streets and vineyard-dotted landscapes of Italy.

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Location: Dolomites, Italy

Date: 26. March 2024


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